At the Altar of the Road Gods

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Caution: Contains incidents of insane motorcycle antics, drug use and swearing.

'Boris has more fun on two wheels than should be legally possible.' - Richard Fidler, ABC

His mother may not know it but Boris Mihailovic has lived a fast, furious, often politically incorrect life chasing the epiphanies of speed (the sensation not the drug). For Boris, motorbike riding was the rite of passage into manhood he'd been searching for. Now, nearly 40 years since he first rode a bike, the wisdom of age has provided the perspective for Boris to look back and realise some pretty wild shit went down.

At the Altar of the Road Gods is about popping your motorcycle-buying cherry with an XJ650 Yamaha. It's about fines, feuds and fractures, high-sides, tank-slappers, angry police, even angrier young men, crashing, getting up, cranky girlfriends, riding faster, outlaws, and partaking in copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. It is about mateship and motorcycles. Ultimately, it is about four decades of two-wheel-related mayhem. Just don't tell Boris's mum!

Be warned: may cause laughter, sleeplessness and the desire to buy a Lucifer-black Katana.


Oorspronkelijke releasedatum29 juli 2014
Aantal pagina's336
Ebook FormaatAdobe ePub


HoofdauteurBoris Mihailovic
HoofduitgeverijHachette Australia

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