Jim Clark

Merk: Eric Dymock, bekijk ook andere Eric Dymock Formule 1 & Motorsport

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A new edition of the universally acclaimed out-of-print 1997 book is lightly edited & completely redesigned in colour throughout. This classic of motor racing celebrates the life and achievements of Jim Clark (1936-1968), World Champion 1963 and 1965. A royalty on every copy sold in Britain (price GBP22.50) will be donated to the Jim Clark Trust. Patrons Sir Jackie Stewart, David Coulthard, Dario Franchitti and Allan McNish celebrate the new edition, Sir Jackie describing Clark as ...the best racing driver I ever raced with and against . Three times Le Mans winner Allan McNish: A modern driver winning the British Grand Prix, racing in Formula 2, then at Indianapolis would be unthinkable. David Coulthard: There is no question that Jim's achievements and Jackie Stewart's input were fundamental to me becoming a professional racing driver. Eric Dymock details Clark's place in motor racing history and total command of Formula 1, portraying him as an individual, nail-biting and insecure, yet the greatest driver in any sort of motor sport.Celebrating the life and achievements of Jim Clark (1936-1968), Formula 1 World Champion 1963 and 1965, this book details his place in motor racing history and his total command at the wheel. From a Scottish farming family, Clark rewrote the annals of American racing at Indianapolis, second at his first attempt in 1963, winning in 1965. Seemingly equal to the odds of the most dangerous eight years at the top of motor racing, Clark died in an unlikely accident in a minor race at Hockenheim on April 7 1968. Genius at the wheel was not enough. Rivals' campaigns for safety thereafter saved countless lives on and off the track.


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