Mann Of His Time

Merk: Ed Youngblood, bekijk ook andere Ed Youngblood Formule 1 & Motorsport

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Dick Mann held a position in the prestigious top ten in the American Motorcyclist Association Grand National Championship for 16 years, was the first man in history to win every category of AMA Grand National competition, was twice AMA Grand National Champion, won the Daytona 200 twice, won his class at the first AMA professional motocross held in America, and earned a bronze medal by completing the International Six Days Trial. Dick Mann has done it all, and done it well. He worked to improve everything he touched in the motorcycling community, from frames to racing rules to the political structure of organisations. Mann remains active today as one of the most influential and respected men in motorcycling, not just in America, but throughout the world.


Oorspronkelijke releasedatum07 september 2002
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HoofdauteurEd Youngblood
HoofduitgeverijMotorbooks Intl

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