Racing Hearts and Burning Cars

Merk: Ward E Wilson, bekijk ook andere Ward E Wilson Formule 1 & Motorsport

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Was it a passion, obsession, or dream? Hard to say, until it blew up in his face. On life support and unable to speak, see, or move, Lisa tells Robert how his life's dream of owning and racing a Nitro Funny Car had crashed and burned with him inside only days after completion. Blindly he scribbles a cryptic 4-word message, one letter at a time. Each word leaves his family deciphering meaning as he flashes back to life defining moments taking him from the streets of Adelaide, South Australia to the racetracks of America. It wasn't a straight line though, along the way he makes stops in the far reaches of the Australian Outback, the wild streets of LA, the wide-open spaces of the Nevada desert, and the burn unit of the University hospital. Driven by passion he trades his own teeth for racecar parts. Driven by obsession he trades his wife for a solid block engine. Driven by dream he races on professional tracks televised around the world.


Oorspronkelijke releasedatum03 juni 2023
Ebook FormaatAdobe ePub


HoofdauteurWard E Wilson
Tweede AuteurRobert Schwab
HoofduitgeverijWewil Press

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